August Töpfer

is the system supplier in the field of Food / Non Food, that offers its customers „all from one hand“: import, storage, production, packaging,  as well as logistics. At the present time, the company employs almost 400 employees. The raw materials are purchased directly fromreliable suppliers in the countries of origin whom ATCO has been maintaining long time cooperation with.

Our customers in the food field include leading European food chains and retail shops likewise the confectionery industry, in the field of stock feeding, and also agricultural cooperatives and producers of feeding mixtures.


  • We are fully aware of the significance of the human potential not only in the form of our employees but also our suppliers and customers.
  • Our employees are experts in their field and fully respect the interests and requirements of their business partners.
  • Helpfulness and correct relations are the foundation of the business success.
  • We rely upon the traditions with the orientation to the future.
  • We place the utmost demands upon the quality of the products and related services.


Our principles: Tradition – Quality – Natural Raw Materials – Thoughtfulness towards the Environment - Stable Partnership.


The company August Töpfer & Co. was established by August Töpfer, a wholesaler of imported products, such as sugar, coffee, legumes and dried fruit, in August 1912 in Erfurt. After the death of the founder of the company, August Töpfer, in the year 1918, the company was taken over by five shareholders, including Rudolf Ernst. This is symbolized by the five palm tree leaves in the company logo.

After the Second World War, the company focused on the subsidiary in Hamburg and abandoned the headquarters in Thuringia. At the end of the 50's, the limited partners of the first generation, one by one, resigned from the company for the age reasons. The management of the company was taken over by Alfred and Klaus Ernst, sons of Rudolf Ernst. They aimed at the expansion of the traditional business covering sugar, dried fruit and feed. Especially in the international commodity of sugar, the company August Töpfer & Co. established itself as a recognized partner. The company August Töpfer & Co. has been until now the greatest German exporter of sugar.

In the year 1990, the leadership of the company was taken over by the third generation of the family, namely Rudolf and Robert Ernst who have managed the company until now. Thanks to the continued growth the company achieved the present significant position in the market.

The company entered the Czech market in the year 2016. The company ATCO Czech Republic s.r.o. is active in the production and dealing, particularly, in liquid feed for farm animals and dealing in dried exotic fruits.

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