Beet Pulp Pulps

On processing sugar beet, raw juice is separated from the extracted slices in the extraction equipment.

Right after the extraction the wet pulps have a content of the dry matter from 8 to 10 %. By pressing out part of their content of water, pressed out slice originate with a content of the dry matter of around 25 %. Thereafter, the pulps can be dried into dry slices with a content of the dry matter of 90%.

In Germany, in most facilities, molasses are admixed into the pulps during the process of drying. The resulting molasses pulps have a saccharinity of 16–20 %. In Germany, dried pulps/molasses pulps are in the greater portion pressed into pellets of a diameter of 6–10 mm.

In our offer you can find

  • Wet beet pulps
  • Dried beet pulps
  • Beet pulp pellets
  • Molasses beet pulp pellets