Organic feed

They comprise selected feeds in the organic quality, which correspond to the nutrition and type-specific needs.

Organic Cereals

  • Organic wheat
  • Organic maize
  • Organic rye

Organic protein feeds

  • Organic soya meal
  • Organic pea
  • Organic horse bean
  • Organic lupine

Organic cane molasses

Organic molasses from sugar cane is a by-product which is produced during the production of bio cane sugar from organic sugar cane. Organic molasses from sugar cane is used for reducing the dustiness, as a preparation for pelleting and for ensilage, for making better taste of the feed, and particularly for increasing its energetic value. Organic molasses from sugar cane is suitable after standardization as feeding raw material for milk and meat cattle.

The exact composition of the organic molasses depends on the composition of the sugar cane being processed.